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Virus Remova-Recovery Date

Virus Removal & Disaster Recovery

URBNIX Offers Professional Virus Removal & Disaster Data Recovery Services

If your network are infected with a virus or viruses URBNIX can help. We have a variety of utilities &         tools that can be used for virus detection and removal. We have a great deal of experience dealing with       problems such as Spyware and Pop-Ups. Computer viruses are now a daily occurrence, and Anti-Virus       software is now required.

Some of the dangerous viruses URBNIX has removed from clients’ PCs recently are listed below:

  • Boot Sector – A boot sector virus infects the system area of a floppy or hard drive, or the part that is accessed when your computer is first powered up. Infection usually occurs when booting from an infected disk.
  • File Infected Viruses – Most of These Viruses Reside in The Memory of a PC and Infect Programs’ .exe and .com Files.
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Viruses – Similar to a Boot Sector Viruses, these Viruses Infect The Master Boot Record and Prevent Your PC From Booting.
  • Multi-Partite Viruses – These Viruses Infect Both the Boot Record and Program Files.
  • Macro Viruses – Macro Viruses are Prevalent in Corporate Environments Where Office Applications are Used, Usually
  • Microsoft Office (Word and Excel). They Use a Program’s Code to Infect Data Files.
  • Trojan Horse Viruses – These Viruses do Not ReplicateThemselves. Instead, They Often Pose as a Harmless File That is
  • Downloaded From The Web or From an E-Mail Attachment. These Programs Can Result in The Theft or Destruction of Data Files. This Type of Virus is Commonly Picked Up From Peer to Peer File Sharing Programs.
  • Worm Viruses – Worms Replicate Themselves Without Usinga Host File and Can Spread Very Quickly Across The Internet.
  • Instant – Security experts are available 24×7 to eliminate viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other malware from your PC.
  • Remote – You can sit back and relax while the complete service is delivered remotely via an Internet connection to your home.
  • Intelligent – Receive security advice from Urbnix virus experts, who will show you how to receive regular security updates for commonly used applications. This will help you avoid future malware problems.